Udyapane is a ritual that must be performed after the completion of Santhoshimatha vratam. Santhoshimatha vratham is performed on Friday each week for a period of 16 weeks. During the day of the vratam, after morning bath, clean the puja room and place a photo of Goddess decorated with flowers. Take a kalasham (sacred metal pot), fill it with water and tulasi leaves, and place a coconut on top of the kalasham with mango leaves around it. In a small container, keep chana dalia and jaggery as prasadam for Goddess. Start the puja by praying to Lord Ganesha and read the Santhoshimatha vrata story with utmost devotion. After reading the story, perform Aarthi to Goddess and sprinkle the holy water in the kalasham all around the house. On the day of Vratham, no sour items such as curd, lemon etc must be consumed for the entire day. It is said that if this Vratam is performed for 16 weeks continuously with devotion, Goddess will grant her devotee's wishes and bless them with happiness. A number of devotees have experienced the power of this Vratam and their desires have come true by the grace of Jai Santhoshima. After 16 weeks of Vratham is completed, Udyapane must be performed. This ritual is performed on Friday. At least 8 boys who have not consumed sour for the entire day are invited. Different variety of prasadam (without sour)is served to them. After they have consumed food, a small gift in kind(no cash) is offered to each boy. Udyapane is a service offered at our temple. We have constructed a separate Udyapane hall in order to perform Udyapane. We have successfully performed more than 900 Udyapanes since the temple was opened. We take care of inviting the children for the Udyapane as well as preparing the prasadam ensuring that there is no sour used in the preparation. Also, all the children who come for Udyapane follow the ritual strictly and do not eat sour for the entire day. Devotees will have the opportunity to serve food to the children and offer them a token of appreciation such as books, school items etc.